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RES'eau : students who commit themselves to provide access to water worldwide !

RES’eau was created in 2012 to gather student and professional know-how for international solidarity in the field of water and sanitation. 

Our approach

We provide our expertise on projects for access to water or sanitation, by supporting local NGOs development projects. We invest in the formation of an on-site team to make these projects self-sufficient and economically viable. Nous apportons notre expertise sur des projets pour l’accès à l’eau ou à l’assainissement, en intervenant en appui à des ONG porteuses de projets de développement. Nous investissons dans la formation d’une équipe sur place afin de rendre ces projets auto-suffisants et économiquement viables.

Our core values

Associating water and health

    by education awareness of users and local residents, compliance with standards for the construction of water points and monitoring of the quality of the water distributed.

Become a partner

  by the participation and consultation of all stakeholders. this may involve the charging of the water service with a compulsory contribution and the creation of a steering committee.

Supporting the local economy

by optimizing investments and ensuring their sustainability.

Developing skills

of users, local residents and local authorities to establish water service governance.

Our expertise


Technical assistance

RES’eau intervenes in assistance to the project management of drinking water projects. It carries out technical feasibility studies, design, conceptual diagrams and schemes of the engineering work.

Operational assistance

RES’eau intervenes in project management. It is involved in the realization and reception of the works. It helps people and communities to perpetuate facilities, ensure maintenance in operational condition.

Skills development, training and awareness

The association participates in the upgrading of local operational staff. It carries out training and sensitization activities for users and local residents. It proposes structures to implement a water service pricing that economically viable projects.

Our results in figures

students involved

international project per year

partner local NGOs


Our partners

Our main projects



Voungouta, Congo-Brazzaville

The project is the founding project for RES’eau.

-In 2010, collection, filtration of several micro-sources to a storage basin.

– capturing, processing and storing a first group of sources.

– collecting a second group of souces and laying a pipe to the foot of the village.

– sizing of a water tower and creation of standpipes in each of the village district.

– a total of 12 micro-sources captured, 6 filtration chambers in 2 comparments loaded with stones, gravel and sand installed for filtration, two basins with a total capcity of 42,000 liters and a water supply system of more than 2,5 km.

– a water tower (150m3), 12 hydrants and since 2014 thanks to Médecins d’Afrique setting up latrines, lava-hand, 2 impluviums and a washhouse.s 2014 grâce à Médecins d’Afrique mise en place de latrines, de lave-mains, de 2 impluviums et d’un lavoir.

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Piat, Philippines

In the Philippines, RES’eau is expanding its scope and expertise. A project was created in 2013 to provide drinking water to its inhabitants. The project is carried out with the community and a local association, Kaloob. The project consist of :

 – a drilling of a depth of 55 meters which supplies a potable water tower of 17m3,

– a supply network that supplies faucets for each house. In total, more than 50 families have running water in 2016. A technician has been trained to maintain the structure.



Piat, Philippines

RES’Eau in partnership with Médécins d’Afrique is carrying out a study to install latrines in the Kombé district to improve sanitation.
The main objective is to carry out an on-site survey of 900 households and to provide a report in order to offer Médecins d’Afrique adequate equipment for this district. Requests for financing and construction will be made by our partner.

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